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8 Cool Car Accessories & Gadgets You Should EQUIP in 2019


Our ride can be made safe, comfortable and enjoyable than ever before with the aid of super cool accessories like cargocarrierbox and a few superior gadgets. From warning the riders in the event of any issues to enhancing the overall performance of the car, the accessories have so much to offer. Car lovers can dress up their automobiles with the following useful accessories.

  1. GPS Tracker: It can be connected with smartphones and helps one to know where exactly their car is. If someone is making an attempt to steal the car, a GPS tracker can help the vehicle owner to recover it faster.
  2. Car dash cam: It is nothing but a small digital camera mounted to the dashboard, which accurately records the driver’s journey. In the case of road accidents, the recorded footage demonstrates who should be accountable for the unfortunate event.
  3. Tire pressure monitoring system: The digital device helps one to ensure road safety as it sends real-time tire pressure report to the driver via pictogram, warns the driver if the pressure significantly drops and also assists in optimizing the tire pressure.
  4. Bottle jack: It is a device which is used to lift very heavy loads. It can be extremely beneficial in lifting the car when one is attempting to replace the flattened tires.
  5. Car key finder: The super cool car key finder is nothing but a Bluetooth-equipped tile that can be looped into the keychain. The lost key can be henceforth traced with the aid of specific smartphone apps.
  6. Seat belt cushion: It is a must-have accessory for long travel as it can be used to take a cozy, comfortable nap.
  7. Solar powered fan: There is a high possibility that the car can get heated up when parked under the hot sun. The automatic solar powered fan helps to keep the interior of the car cool.
  8. Portable vacuum cleaner: The handy cleaner sucks out cigarette ashes, bread crumbs, and any sort of dust from the seats and corners, keeping the car neat and clean.

Here’s How Technology Is Changing the Fitness Industry 


Many tech gadgets have been innovated to facilitate the growth of many industries including fitness industry, food industry, manufacturing sectors and lot more.  Even technology has reached secure geographical areas as well as the smallest aspect of life.  The role of technology in everyone’s life is inexorable.  One can see technology everywhere and can understand how technology has transformed the lives of the individual.

Many tech gadgets are innovated with the perspective to improve the lifestyle and the living condition of the people.  In the fitness industry, the role of tech gadgets becoming prominent and plays a vital role in an individual’s life.  It is yet to spread its wings across the globe.

Here are the few to justify how technology paved a way of bringing out changes in the fitness industry;

•    Technology paved a way to facilitate the training programs online and make use of the online videos for performing any physical workouts, yoga and so on. One can get the training instructions easily from various online platforms and enjoy the services.

•    People can easily connect with the help of social networking platforms, where one can interchange their ideas, experiences, emotions, etc.  It helps the individual to get enough information about the various fitness programs, weight loss advice, and a few other information.

•    It is easily accessible, and one can get the data from anywhere around the globe.  One can easily contact a doctor through online and get the doubts cleared.

•    It is easy to access 24/7, and one cannot rely on fixing an appointment with the doctor, or a dietician or a nutritionist.

•    Many innovated wearable tech gadgets have changed the fitness world entirely into an overwhelming view.  Many people can access their health records by accessing their blood pressure level, calories consumed and burnt for the day and a lot more.

•    Many updated version of smartphones with added features are launched with many fitness apps to regulate their health condition especially their weight, sugar level, etc.

•    Advanced Fitness types of equipment are in the market with enhanced features which tell the exact time of the workout, how long an activity needs to be carried out for a day, time duration and many other enhanced features.…